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The CNS in MS:
A Brain-First Perspective

Neurological Reserve and Multiple Sclerosis

Emerging Data on the Clinical Relevance of White and Grey Matter Damage

Monitoring Disease Activity in Clinical Practice

Meet the Speakers

Ann D. Bass, MD

Ann D. Bass, MD

MS Clinic Medical Director
Neurology Center of San Antonio, P.A.
San Antonio, TX

Jeffrey Dunn, MD

Jeffrey Dunn, MD

Professor of Clinical Neurology and
Chief of Neuroimmunology, Neurology
Stanford University

Learning Objectives

Explain the basis and importance of neurological reserve

Review assessments and other practical considerations for monitoring disease activity in clinical practice


Explore white and grey matter pathology in multiple sclerosis and review emerging data on the clinical relevance of white and grey matter damage

Describe the impact of lifestyle modifications on central nervous system health