American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting 2018 Highlights

Trevor Resnick, MD, and R. Edward Faught, MD, discuss the real-world analysis of newer antiepileptic drugs.

A discussion on improving patient adherence to newer anti-epileptic drugs to prevent breakthrough seizures.

Neurology experts discuss the evolution of antiepileptic treatment choices and the impacts these treatments have on the lives of patients.

Trevor Resnick, MD, discusses the low-risk and high-risk populations of patients whose seizures are likely to be controlled by medication.

Data from the phase 3 extension study 307, looking at the long-term safety and seizure outcomes of perampanel.

An overview of Dravet syndrome, and details regarding the first breakthrough with the recent discovery of a related gene mutation.

Trevor Resnick, MD, reviews the short- and long-term data regarding the approval of cannabidiol in patients with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Using stereotactic electroencephalography (EEG) as an evaluation technique to identify and localize where a seizure is starting within the brain.

A review of the ongoing unmet needs for patients who suffer from seizures that are unable to be controlled from the current armamentarium of medications.
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