Clyde E. Markowitz, MD, and Patricia K. Coyle, MD, provide insight on the 2017 revisions to the McDonald criteria that will optimize the management of patients with multiple sclerosis.
The director of the epilepsy center at Cleveland Clinic spoke about the process that leads to the selection of candidacy for deep brain stimulation.  
The pediatric psychologist at Children’s Medical Center discussed what her team does to assess patients in the clinic when something comes up as a result of a patient’s screening.
The Director of the Epilepsy Division at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix discussed the issue of driving when withdrawing patients off seizure medication either because of treatment, remission or surgical intervention.
The section chief of pediatric neurology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital discussed cannabidiol's potential in the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome space.
A professionally filmed expert panel discussion focusing on the specific information and educational needs of health care professionals involved the diagnosis and treatment of chronic migraine.
The Director of the Stanford Epilepsy Center discussed the work that’s left to be done in the field of epilepsy.
The instructor in neurology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center spoke about what clinicians can do right now to mitigate the risk of SUDEP and the myriad of options for them to utilize.
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