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Epilepsy Foundation and Eisai Partner to Develop EDEN Patient Platform

May 08, 2021

By Matt Hoffman

The Epilepsy Digital Experience Navigator, or EDEN, platform, is being developed in tandem with Embleema, with an aim of improving data use and collection for individuals with epilepsy.

TNFαi Inhibitors and CNS Demyelination

May 08, 2021

By Victoria Johnson

Spencer Hutto, MD, a fellow of autoimmune neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, discussed his team’s investigation into demyelinating events after the use of TNFαi inhibitors.

NeurologyLive Friday 5 — May 7, 2021

May 07, 2021

By NeurologyLive Staff

Take 5 minutes to catch up on NeurologyLive's highlights from the week ending May 7, 2021.

Solriamfetol and the Impact of Residual Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

May 07, 2021

By Marco Meglio

Paula K. Schweitzer, PhD, discussed her findings on the safety and efficacy of solriamfetol in patients receiving OSA therapy and the need for more research on residual excessive daytime sleepiness.

Exposure to Sleep Medicine Education Is Low in Parent ACGME Training Programs

May 07, 2021

By Marco Meglio

Didactic lectures were the most commonly used teaching format by all specialties, with pulmonary and critical care medicine and neurology reporting the highest hours of attendance.


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