Management of Insomnia in the Elderly

Key opinion leader Karl Doghramji, MD, breaks down the definition and diagnosis of insomnia disorder.

A review of the prevalence of insomnia disorder, particularly as it relates to an aging population.

 Including considerations for cognitive decline, pain, and even mortality, an expert reviews the consequences of poor sleep in elderly people.

Shifting his focus to treatment, Karl Doghramji, MD, shares insight on nonpharmacologic management of insomnia.

 A comprehensive analysis of specific nonpharmacologic strategies to treating insomnia disorder.

An expert considers when pharmacologic approaches are appropriate for treating insomnia and reviews GABA-targeted agents.

Karl Doghramji, MD, provides brief insight on the use of wakefulness-targeted agents in the management of insomnia.

Following his review of available pharmacologic agents, an expert elucidates selection of therapy for elderly patients with insomnia.

The use of lemborexant, a dual antagonist of the orexin receptors, is considered as a novel approach to managing elderly patients with insomnia disorder.

Concluding his discussion, Karl Doghramji, MD, shares practical advice on the continued management of elderly patients with insomnia disorder.
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