Case Based Insights: Parkinson

An expert provides rationale for approaching treatment options for a patient with Parkinson’s disease experiencing off episodes.

An in-depth review of the varying types of off episodes in Parkinson’s disease, and how to effectively manage symptoms.

Combating the hindrance of off episodes in Parkinson’s disease and educating patients and caregivers on how to improve quality of life.

Key opinion leader Fernando L. Pagan, MD, reviews evolving poly-pharmacological treatment approaches, and incorporating on-demand therapies for Parkinson’s disease off episodes.

Practical advice on the administration of on-demand therapies, including tips and tricks for using levodopa inhalation powder for off episodes of Parkinson disease.

Expert perspective on the identification and management of OFF episodes in a 68-year-old man with Parkinson disease.

A comprehensive review of the different types of Parkinson disease OFF episodes and the impact they may have on patients.

The optimal ways to communicate with patients and caregivers regarding the identification and management of Parkinson disease OFF episodes.

Expert perspective on gastroparesis and its influence on the uptake of oral medication for Parkinson disease.

When it is appropriate to use on-demand therapy for Parkinson disease OFF episodes as opposed to modifying the current oral regimen.

Comprehensive insight on the use of on-demand therapy for Parkinson disease OFF episodes, including patient selection and adverse event management.

Personal experience in administering apomorphine hydrochloride subcutaneous injections to patients experiencing Parkinson disease OFF episodes.

Concluding his discussion on Parkinson disease OFF episodes management, Peter LeWitt, MD, shares practical advice regarding use of on-demand therapy.
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