Early Identification and Management of Multiple Sclerosis in Pediatric Patients

Health care professionals who may play a role in caring for patients with pediatric multiple sclerosis and support groups that are available to address patient and caregiver needs.

Recommendations for navigating through the challenges associated with treating and caring for patients with pediatric multiple sclerosis.

An overview of treatment guidelines and recommendations for managing patients with pediatric multiple sclerosis.

Criteria and strategies used to help clinicians accurately diagnose multiple sclerosis in pediatric patients.

Symptoms that young patients with multiple sclerosis commonly present with, and recommendations for accurately diagnosing the condition in the pediatric population.

The current prevalence of multiple sclerosis in pediatrics and an overview of various ways for which the condition may present in patients.

Lauren B. Krupp, MD, discusses the underlying biology of multiple sclerosis (MS) and remarks on Epstein-Barr viral exposure as a risk factor for pediatric MS.
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