Peer Exchange


Global Approaches to the Management of Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

Experts in multiple sclerosis review the evolution of the diagnostic McDonald Criteria throughout the years.

The panel reviews multiple sclerosis guidelines for diagnosis and treatment and reviews the differential diagnosis of MS.

The panel discusses the differences between neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis with and without the MOG-IgG antibody.

Experts in multiple sclerosis from Europe and the United States review patients diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome versus relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and how they can be treated in different countries.

The panelists discuss their approach to first-line therapy and the primary therapies they use based on approval status in the United States and Europe.

Sven Meuth, MD, PhD, reviews the mechanism of action of interferon and its long-standing use in relapsing multiple sclerosis.

Patricia K. Coyle, MD, reviews the immunomodulator glatiramer acetate and its use during pregnancy in relapsing multiple sclerosis.
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