Peer Exchange


Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Relapses

Expert panelists reflect on the role of relapse in multiple sclerosis and emphasize its status as a hallmark of disease.

A comprehensive review of symptoms tied to relapse in multiple sclerosis and what strategies can be used to identify them.

Key opinion leaders break down the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis relapse given currently available understandings and criteria.

Leading into the discussion of treatment, experts consider the prognostic impact of relapse in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Homing in on early identification and treatment, the panel outlines goals of therapy for treating relapse in multiple sclerosis.

The panel elucidates a new treatment algorithm for the evaluation, management, and response assessment of multiple sclerosis.

Shifting their attention to treatment of multiple sclerosis, key opinion leaders evaluate the use of corticosteroids as a mainstay of therapy. 

Experts consider novel strategies used to manage multiple sclerosis relapse, including repository corticotropin injection and plasma exchange.

An analysis of the Assessing Relapse in Multiple Sclerosis (ARMS) questionnaire and Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) in multiple sclerosis.

Key opinion leaders share insight on supplementary strategies they use to assess patient response to therapy in multiple sclerosis relapse.

 Regarding the management of multiple sclerosis relapse, experts consider the patient perspective on assessing outcomes.

Following a comprehensive discussion on multiple sclerosis relapse management, the panel shares closing advice for community physicians.
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