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June 2019

Aura and the Mechanism of Migraine: The Next Treatment Target?

July 05, 2019


The neurological symptoms of migraine aura are generally attributed to cortical spreading depression/depolarization, although that hypothesis does have its detractors. The question of whether CSD triggers migraine headache remains controversial.

Why Sleep Health Should Be Top of Mind in Neurology

June 27, 2019


Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders are increasingly being recognized as major factors in the etiology and treatment of a host of neurological diseases, but awareness in the neurology community still has room to grow.

Andrew Russman, DO: There's No Sleeping on Advancements in Stroke

June 21, 2019

Clinical Viewpoint

The head of the Cleveland Clinic stroke program and medical director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center sat down with Neurology Live for an in-depth discussion on stroke certifications, advanced treatment technology, and the ever-evolving concept of "time is brain."