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Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of Multiple Sclerosis

Experts react to recent revisions to the McDonald criteria in multiple sclerosis and consider their impact on diagnosing the condition.

Patient characteristics that now help physicians identify and diagnose multiple sclerosis earlier.

Recommendations for spinal taps and MRI assessments to help diagnose multiple sclerosis.

Surrogate markers being investigated and used to help physicians diagnose and manage patients with multiple sclerosis.

Recommendations for earlier initiation of disease-modifying therapy based on recent data in multiple sclerosis.

Experts in the management of multiple sclerosis debate the appropriateness for early, aggressive induction therapy in patients.

With new high efficacy therapies entering the field in multiple sclerosis, clinicians comment on strategies for optimally managing patients.

Clinical overview of current phase 3 trials investigating oral cladribine for the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis.

Reactions to the potential approval of oral cladribine in multiple sclerosis and considerations for potential treatment indications and sequencing.

Considerations for restarting therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis and recommendations for investigating better targets to help clinicians make treatment decisions.

The significance of having a full understanding of a therapy’s mechanism of action when managing patients with multiple sclerosis in the clinic.

Expert clinicians remark on the significance of the recent approval of ocrelizumab for primary progressive multiple sclerosis and discuss the potential of siponimod for secondary progressive MS.

Various treatment options under investigation for the treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis.

Strategies and therapies that are available to help manage the various symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis.

Recommendations for quantitative measures and comparative data to help guide therapy in multiple sclerosis.

Experts react to the current state of multiple sclerosis and highlight next steps in research based on unmet needs in the field.
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