AUPN Leadership Minute Episode 17: Getting Along With Neurosurgery


Episode 17 of the AUPN Leadership Minute features Rohit Das, MD, of UT Southwestern Medical Center; and Clifton L. Gooch, MD, of the University of South Florida. [WATCH TIME: 7 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 7 minutes

AUPN's Leadership Minute is a brief, highly focused summary of practical advice for Chairs, Program Directors and other leaders in academic neurology, available as both mini-podcasts and in short form videos.

The goal of this program is to provide relevant and useful information in a modicum of time, designed to fit seamlessly into our very busy schedules.

A good working relationship with Neurosurgery is highly important to your success as a Neurology Chair. However, relationships between neurology and neurosurgery are often rife with conflict, and the culture clash between the cognitive and surgical disciplines is a further impediment to building a functional collaboration. In this summary, we explore these challenges and provide strategies for building a successful and lasting partnership.

Click here to access the full PowerPoint presentation for the episode.

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