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Marco Meglio

Marco Meglio, Associate Editor for NeurologyLive, has been with the team since October 2019. Follow him on Twitter @marcomeglio1 or email him at mmeglio@neurologylive.com


Nerivio Remote Electrical Neuromodulation Could Serve as Alternate Treatment for Chronic Migraine

October 04, 2022

No statistical differences were found between REN and the standard of care medications, in any of the effectiveness outcomes of pain single-treatment pain relief and pain freedom, nor in consistency of pain relief and pain freedom.

Reactions, Ramifications, and Forward Progress of Newly Approved AMX0035 for ALS

October 01, 2022

Justin Klee and Josh Cohen, cofounders and cochief operating officers, Amylyx Pharmaceuticals, answered questions related to the new approval of AMX0035 for ALS and how it changes the treatment landscape going forward.