Benefits From the 2022 ATMRD Congress and Multidisciplinary Teams: Laxman Bahroo, DO


The assistant professor of neurology and codirector of the Neurology Residency Program at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and presenter at ATMRD offered his insight into the benefits of multispecialty meetings. [WATCH TIME: 3 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 3 minutes

“Being in a room [with various health care professionals] is absolutely energizing. It’s amazing to have this group of people, all of whom are interested in learning more about movement disorders, and some who will readily transfer this into their practice. Others may take this and plant that as a seed, and that may grow into a future movement disorder specialist.”

The importance and benefits of utilizing multidisciplinary care teams in the management of patients with chronic diseases have become a common point of discussion at medical meetings. Although, not every neurologist or neurology specialist will have access to such resources. This is where the societal meetings, like this year’s inaugural Advanced Therapeutics in Movement and Related Disorders (ATMRD) Congress in Washington, DC, June 17-19, 2022.

Put on by the PMD Alliance and Georgetown University, the meeting featured hundreds of clinicians from all varieties of the field. Advance practice providers, researchers, general neurologists, movement disorder specialists, and rehabilitation professionals, among all career levels were in attendance. The benefits of meetings that bring together these individuals are numerous, according to Laxman Bahroo, DO, assistant professor of neurology, and codirector, Neurology Residency Program, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

In a conversation with the PMD Alliance at the meeting, Bahroo spoke about the benefits the meeting offered to those in attendance, and how the multidisciplinary insight and approach can aid not only patients but the wider aspects of the field, such as therapeutics and research efforts.

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