BMI, Sitting, and the Risk of Parkinson Disease


A study examines a possible link between lifestyle and onset of PD.

A recent prospective cohort study examined the association between sitting duration (> 6 hours/day), BMI (30 or greater), and risk of Parkinson disease (PD).1

The study of over 41,000 Swedish men and women from 1997 to 2010 concluded that there is no relationship between prolonged sitting or obesity, and the risk of developing PD..

Does this open the door for other environmental factors, and can we put obesity and sedentary life style aside as potential mechanisms in the development of PD?


1. Roos E, Grotta A, Yang F, et al. Body mass index, sitting time, and risk of Parkinson disease. Neurology. March 21, 2018, DOI:

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