Connections Between Migraine and Mental Health: Lawrence Newman, MD


The chair of the American Migraine Foundation spoke about the insight gleaned from a recent survey the foundation conducted assessing links between mental health and migraine care. [WATCH TIME: 4 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 4 minutes

“The take-home message really was that there was a significant impact between migraine and mental health on each other, and it's important, therefore, that people who live with this disabling condition—migraine—have an understanding that if they improve their mental health, they'll have better outcomes as related to their migraine and vice versa.”

Recently, the findings of the Migraine and Mental Health Connection Survey were announced, with the data suggesting that the majority of those with migraine and their physicians are of the belief that there is a link between the headache disorder and mental health conditions, and that they impact one another.1

The findings also suggested that those with migraine still face stigmas, including around their mental health. Conducted by the American Migraine Foundation and Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, the survey included responses from 1100 people with both migraine and a mental health condition, and 302 healthcare professionals (HCPs) that treat neurological diseases. The findings showed that 91% of HCPs and 67% of patients with migraine believed that better migraine management comes hand-in-hand with better overall control of stress and mental health.

Additionally, although two-thirds of patients believed it was important to discuss mental health with their HCP, 60% of them raised the conversation in clinic visits themselves, even though most wished their HCP would initiate the conversation. To find out more about how these data impact the migraine patient community and the physicians that treat them, NeurologyLive® spoke with Lawrence Newman, MD, chair of the American Migraine Foundation, and an author of the study.

1. American Migraine Foundation survey shows nearly all people with migraine and healthcare professionals believe migraine and mental health significantly impact each other. News release. July 28, 2022. Accessed August 19, 2022.
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