Implementing the CognICA to Detect Cognitive Impairment: Chris Kalafatis, MD, MRCPsych


The chief medical officer of Cognetivity outlined a new integrated cognitive assessment that takes only 5 minutes to complete on an iPad. [WATCH TIME: 6 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 6 minutes

“The standard pen-and-paper tests that we've been using for close to half a century now bring an evidence base that is old, completely understood, and effective. But, essentially, they are a little bit outdated, as these cognitive tests have widely known limitations, and this is exactly why we developed the [CognICA], in order to tackle them.”

Following the announcement that a new integrated cognitive assessment from Cognetivity Neurosciences, the CognICA, met requirements of regulations 21 CFR 882.1470; Class II Exempt Medical Device, following review by the FDA, Chris Kalafatis, MD, MRCPsych, chief medical officer, Cognetivity, spoke with NeurologyLive® on the benefits of the assessment which differs from standard pen-and-paper tests in that it does not require face-to face administration, does not have a ceiling effect, and is not affected by language or education.

Kalafatis, who is also a consultant in Old Age Psychiatry at South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and an affiliate of King’s College London, noted that the test is “intrinsically gamified,” showing patients 100 images, 50 containing animals and 50 that do not contain animals. Patients are then asked to classify images as animal or non-animal by tapping left or right on an iPad, Kalafatis said. Images are displayed in grayscale, as color would make it simpler to determine whether an animal is pictured. Kalafatis added that animal images were chosen for the test due to the “innately strong response” in the brain to animal stimuli. 

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