Marie D'hooghe, MD, PhD: Pregnancy Plans for Patients With MS

October 4, 2019
Marie D'hooghe, MD, PhD

The neurologist at the National MS Center and University Hospital, in Brussels, discussed the clinician mindset when treating women with MS who plan to get pregnant, and how patients using assistive reproductive treatments should be approached.

“We should really consider which kind of therapy is needed because we have to balance how their disease activity is evolving and their pregnancy plan. What is the timeframe for this pregnancy plan—a year, or 2, or 3, or is it quite soon?”

As is the case at any meeting focused on multiple sclerosis (MS) management, at ECTRIMS 2019, September 11-13 in Stockholm, Sweden, the conversation surrounding MS care during pregnancy was a hot topic. For Marie D’hooghe, MD, PhD, neurologist, National MS Center, and consultant neurologist, University Hospital, in Brussels, it was a highlight of a conversation with NeurologyLive.

D’hooghe spoke to the importance of truly ensuring that patients with MS who have any intention of becoming pregnant share that information with their physician, and that physicians are inquiring about their family plans. The differences in the treatment approach can be drastic depending on what the timeline is for each individual.

As well, she noted what clinicians should be aware of when it comes to patients who need to utilize assistive reproductive technology and treatments, as their use can have sway on the patient’s risk of disease relapse.

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