Patient and Provider Benefits With the nSight Platform: Martha Morrell, MD


The chief medical officer of NeuroPace discussed the data provided by the company’s new nSight Platform for seizure-related outcome tracking, which also offers improved potential for patient monitoring.

“This is the very first time, of course, that physicians have had access to this type of quantitative brain data in individuals who are walking about living their normal lives. We've really relied on patients being able to tell us how they are doing, and that's difficult…The nSight platform shows what has occurred according to times of day, and days over the week, and weeks over the month.”

Recent announcement of the nSight Platform from NeuroPace coincides with new advancements in telehealth, in accordance with the effort to increase access to healthcare following the COVID-19 pandemic. Martha Morrell, MD, chief medical officer of NeuroPace, clinical professor of neurology, Stanford University, spoke with NeurologyLive on the impact of the nSight Platform, which works alongside the company’s RNS System to track seizure-related outcomes for patients with drug-resistant focal epilepsy. 

Morrell outlined the related data management systems and the platform’s integrated ability to track patient data 24 hours per day. The nSight platform serves as a way to “synthesize and integrate” the large amount of data collected, allowing providers to view individual patient trends and enact appropriate interventions via the RNS System, medication, or behavior changes. According to Morrell, tracking patient progress and/or response to medications is also assisted by the nSight Platform, in that it provides an additional source of information to eventually improve patient outcomes. 


NeuroPace launches nSight Platform and partnership with Seizure Tracker™ to provide doctors with personalized information about their patients’ seizure burden. August 4, 2021. Accessed August 25, 2021.
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