Richard Rudick, MD: The CogEval App in Clinical Practice


The goal of the free application is to make cognitive assessments routine in multiple sclerosis treatment.

“We think this is going to change everything because we really have not focused on cognition [in MS]. ”

Cognitive issues, while not a guaranteed outcome for those with multiple sclerosis (MS), can arise in later years. And as the treatment field progresses, there has been a shift toward addressing this possibility in order to prevent patients from needing to deal with these symptoms.

MS PATHS, an ongoing program aimed at collecting as much high-quality data in MS as possible, has brought forth some important information already pertaining to cognition. Collecting data from the Processing Speed Test, the research group has been able to develop the CogEval app to help physicians gain further insight into the cognitive status of their patients.

At the 34th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) in Berlin, Germany, Biogen announced the application would now be available worldwide in several languages, opening the tool to more people than ever.

The goal, according to Richard Rudick, MD, the vice president of Medical Research at Biogen, is to make cognitive assessments routine in MS. Rudick shared the news and further insight into the application with NeurologyLive at ECTRIMS.

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