Richard Rudick, MD: Using Data to Personalize MS Care


The vice president of Medical Research at Biogen spoke about the intersection between high-quality data utilization and individualized medicine in multiple sclerosis.

“We’re moving rapidly toward standardizing high-quality data…that’s going to be the key to personalized medicine in MS”

As technology advances and data collection becomes more complex, the way data is utilized in medicine has changed quickly. With medicine as a whole trending toward developing personalized care and using real-world data, an intersection of the 2 is impending.

Advocating for that intersection is Richard Rudick, MD, the vice president of Medical Research at Biogen. In part, this is due to the MS PATHS program currently being undertaken by Biogen and several partnered academic centers. The program is a learning health system, allowing patients to submit their own assessments to compile an aggregated and standardized pool of clinical information. Currently consisting of 14,000 patients, the program includes outcomes, imaging, and laboratory data to build out a comprehensive tool for clinicians.

At the 34th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) in Berlin, Germany, Rudick sat with NeurologyLive to discuss the increasing role of data in MS care and what MS PATHS is doing to help.

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