Sleeping Around the Podcast: Living with Narcolepsy & Cataplexy: The Patient's Perspective


Sleeping Around the Podcast is joined by Rachel Nesmith, a patient with narcolepsy, who shares her story of overcoming the burdens and impairments of living with narcolepsy and cataplexy.

Anne Marie Morse, DO, FAASM, the director of Child Neurology, director of Pediatric Sleep Medicine, and clinical associate professor at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and Geisinger Medical Center, and Janet Weis Children’s Hospital

Anne Marie Morse, DO, FAASM

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Sleeping Around the Podcast features Dr. Anne Marie Morse, DO, a neurologist with special qualifications in child neurology and a sleep medicine specialist, best known for putting the DAMM in DAMM Good Sleep and for always looking for digestible, actionable patient-directed sleep tips, tricks and tools to achieve optimal outcomes. Dr. Morse has joined forces with Brandon Hedgecock, DDS, D-ABDSM, a dentist and founder of Hedgecock Dental and Sleep Better Austin; and Matthew Allard, AKA the "Sleep Connector," an experienced sleep professional with 20 years of experience helping others sleep and breathe better nightly, to break down the barriers between dentistry and medicine to develop educational content that considers the whole person and illustrate how sleep relates to lifestyle, wellness, and culture.

This episode features Rachel Nesmith, who shares her story of overcoming the burdens and impairments that living with narcolepsy and cataplexy brings, as well as the power of compassion and finding strength in life challenges.


  • 0:00 – Introduction to Rachel Nesmith and her experience.
  • 4:00 – The onset of narcolepsy in Rachel's life.
  • 6:50 – Role of orexin/hypocretin in narcolepsy.
  • 16:15 – Rachel's experience with narcolepsy treatments.
  • 22:00 – The burden of narcolepsy on patients' lives.
  • 32:15 – Rachel's life outside of her narcolepsy.
  • 42:00 – Rachel's work as the "Sleepy American"
  • 50:55 – Closing questions and thoughts.

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