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February 2019

Genetic Targets Invigorate Research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

February 22, 2019


Over the past several years, scientific teams have developed investigational methods for delivering a gene to correct a mutation in the DMD gene which causes DMD by creating dysfunction in a patient’s dystrophin production.

Reldesemtiv Displays Promise Over Predecessor for ALS, Currently in Phase 2b Trial

February 20, 2019

Clinical Trial Focus

The investigational drug candidate, formerly known as CK-2127107, is the subject of the phase 2b FORTITUDE-ALS trial, which is assessing the effect of reldesemtiv compared with placebo on respiratory function and additional measures of skeletal muscle function.

Drawing on Blood for Biomarkers of Alzheimer Disease

February 15, 2019

Cover Story

The new funding initiatives and innovative programs to expedite research efforts could hasten the search for biomarkers of Alzheimer disease in the blood and, ultimately, open the door to easier, quicker, and more affordable diagnostic methods.