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ACTRIMS 2020: Post-Conference Perspectives

In episode 1, Patricia K. Coyle, MD, provides insight on data released at the ACTRIMS Forum 2020 on the phase 3 CLARITY trial assessing the benefit of oral cladribine for relapsing multiple sclerosis.

In episode 2, Clyde Markowitz, MD discusses cladribine data from the ACTRIMS 2020 meeting, regarding both reduction of risk of SPMS and time to first relapse after treatment. 

In episode 3, Patricia K. Coyle, MD, gives a review of the phase 3 EXPAND trial in secondary progressive MS and the real-world significance of the data.

In episode 4, Clyde Markowitz, MD, discusses ACTRIMS 2020 meeting data regarding the effect of disease duration on efficacy and safety of siponimod.

In episode 5, Patricia Coyle, MD details the six-year data from the phase 3 OPERA I/II studies on the use of ocrelizumab and the impact on confirmed disability progression in patients with multiple sclerosis.

In episode 6, Clyde E. Markowitz, MD, gives a review of data from the ACTRIMS 2020 meeting in light of 6-year follow-up data with ocrelizumab therapy.

In episode 7, Patricia Coyle MD, discusses the phase 2 APLIOS bioequivalence study on B-cell depletion with the subcutaneous administration of ofatumumab in relapsing multiple sclerosis.

In episode 8, Clyde Markowitz, MD, details the considerations for B-cell depletion in the APLIOS bioequivalence study, presented at the ACTRIMS 2020 meeting.

In episode 9, Patricia Coyle, MD, discusses recent updates to the standardized MRI imaging protocol for the brain and spinal cord in multiple sclerosis and noteworthy findings from the ACTRIMS Forum 2020.

In episode 10, Clyde Markowitz, MD, reflects on the importance of a standardized MRI protocol in light of the ACTRIMS 2020 meeting.

In episode 11, Clyde Markowitz, MD, provides an expert perspective on other exciting data in the field of multiple sclerosis management that were presented at the ACTRIMS 2020 meeting.
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