Neurology experts discuss the evolution of antiepileptic treatment choices and the impacts these treatments have on the lives of patients.
A discussion on improving patient adherence to newer anti-epileptic drugs to prevent breakthrough seizures.
Key opinion leader Rodney A. Radtke, MD, shares parting advice with neurologists regarding the treatment of epilepsy and epileptic encephalopathies.
Trevor Resnick, MD, and R. Edward Faught, MD, discuss the real-world analysis of newer antiepileptic drugs.
A comprehensive review of cannabidiol’s potential role in improving care for patients with epileptic encephalopathies.
The epilepsy expert considers challenges inherent in managing epileptic encephalopathies and outlines emerging treatment options.
The Senior Vice President for Research and Training at Kessler Foundation spoke about research he and colleagues have developed at the Kessler Foundation to aid with cognitive problems in persons with MS.
Given challenges with adherence and transition of care in epilepsy, an expert explains how to optimally follow patients to avoid complication.
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