The SVP and chief strategy and development officer at Aquestive Therapeutics discussed the hope to provide both patients and providers with a more favorable, and still efficacious, option for seizure clusters.
The Director of the UCLA Seizure Disorder Center explained the importance of referring patients with seizures to epilepsy centers.
The Director of the Stanford Epilepsy Center discussed the current activities of epileptologists and considered how this might change in the near future, given advancing technology.
The associate professor of neurology at the University of Rochester shared some of her advice for treating patients with epilepsy and focusing on the patient.
Richard B. Lipton, MD; Stephen Silberstein, MD; and Peter Goadsby, MBBS, provide closing thoughts on the progress that has been made in migraine research and provide positive outlooks on the future of chronic migraine treatment.
The section chief of pediatric neurology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and an associate professor of clinical pediatrics and neurology at The Ohio State University College of Medicine spoke about what the findings mean for patients.
Migraine experts provide personal perspectives on the best approaches for treating refractory chronic migraines.
A review of complementary/alternative therapies, including a discussion on the importance of lifestyle modifications for patients suffering from chronic migraine.
An in-depth update and comparison of the calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) targeted agents in development for the treatment of chronic migraine.
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