Amy Sullivan, PsyD, ABPP: Interdisciplinary Care in MS


The director of behavioral medicine at the Mellen Center for MS Treatment and Research at Cleveland Clinic discussed the importance of interdisciplinary care and ways it can be incorporated for patients with multiple sclerosis.

“Interdisciplinary care is the wave of the future for care of MS.”

Interdisciplinary care has become a revelation of sorts for some, and over the past few years has become more recommended for the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Through interdisciplinary care, various members of a professional clinical network can support the care of an individual, tailor to their needs at the time, and offer expert opinions on whether that care needs adjusting over time.

As Amy Sullivan, PsyD, ABPP, director, behavioral medicine, Mellen Center for MS Treatment and Research, Cleveland Clinic, gets set to present work at the 2020 Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis (CMSC) Virtual Annual Meeting, she stresses the value of incorporating interdisciplinary care into standard practice of care. Sullivan told NeurologyLive that patients would be more susceptible to the care if there was an increased awareness and education from clinicians.

In an interview with NeurologyLive, Sullivan previews her discussion that is planned for the upcoming meeting, as well as provides her argument as to why the pros outweigh the cons of switching to an interdisciplinary care model in MS.

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