Building Bridges to the Next Advances in Multiple Sclerosis Care

Bridging the GapsNew Directions and Practice Impacting Recommendations in Multiple Sclerosis

The field of multiple sclerosis (MS) research and treatment is constantly evolving. As we continue to learn more about the pathogenesis of MS and gain access to new agents and treatment modalities, we can continually refine our treatment approaches and considerations. Nevertheless, despite the speed of advances in the space, many unmet needs remain when it comes to understanding the mechanisms of the disease and identifying effective pathways to target to halt its progression.

In late 2023, MJH Life Sciences Global Medical Affairs hosted a panel of thought leaders in neurology and neuroimmunology to identify and assess emerging updates and trends in MS diagnosis, imaging, and treatment that are influencing and shaping the future of patient care. The panel evaluated advances in the field and reviewed evolving standards of care through a survey of the most current research with the aim of elucidating the impact and implications of paradigm shifts that are pushing the field in new directions.

The panel focused on 4 areas. The first was the clinical and biological spectrum of the disease, considering in particular the emergence of preclinical MS as a recognized entity as well as the blurring of the lines between relapsing and progressive MS. The second area of focus examined current and emerging serologic and imaging biomarkers for MS diagnosis as well as for monitoring disease activity and progression. The third focus was new and emerging disease-modifying therapies, and the fourth evaluated strategies for starting, switching, or stopping immunotherapy.

This publication presents a collection of insights and takeaways from these presentations with the goal of bridging the gaps between these new developments and their application in practice. Each article represents a summary of presented material on the core areas of focus and contains insights that stemmed from the discussion among the contributors. Each article also includes recommendations for translating the latest innovations in research and treatment into clinical practice. We hope that you find the content practical and useful.

Read the full issue here.
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