Howard Weiner, MD: Entering a New Era in MS


The director of the Partners Multiple Sclerosis Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital spoke about the future of multiple sclerosis.

“I think that there's a lot of hope for MS, I think that if you think about other diseases like Alzheimer and ALS we don't have any treatments, we now have treatments for MS and I think we're entering a new era of being able to treat MS and prevent disability."

At the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS) 2019 Forum in Dallas, Texas, Howard Weiner, MD, spoke about the future of multiple sclerosis. Weiner explained that there’s a lot of hope and believes we are now entering a new era of being able to treat the disease and prevent disability.

Looking into the future, Weiner hopes to move toward treating more aggressively and earlier on in the disease to help prevent later problems, effectively managing complications and helping patients with symptoms so that these patients can live a better life.

To discuss the additional areas where Weiner hopes to see progress in the future, the director of the multiple sclerosis center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital sat down with NeurologyLive in an interview.

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