Low-Dose Aspirin and the Risk of Intracranial Bleeds

Low dose aspirin use is becoming almost ubiquitous in cardiovascular risk modification, cancer risk modification, and in other areas whether appropriately indicated…or not.

Published in the journal Neurology an observational study from the UK looking at a cohort of new users of low dose aspirin matched with a cohort of non-users followed for a median of 5 years in over 199,000 patients.1

Turns out in this study low dose aspirin was not associated with an increase risk of any type of intracranial bleed, and in addition, reduced the risk for subarachnoid bleeds if taken for a year or greater.


1. Cea Soriano L, Gaist D, Soriano-Gabarró M, et al. Low-dose aspirin and risk of intracranial bleeds: An observational study in UK general practice. Neurology. 2017;89:2280-2287.

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