NeurologyLive® Friday 5 — April 1, 2022

Take 5 minutes to catch up on NeurologyLive®'s highlights from the week ending April 1, 2022.

Welcome to NeurologyLive®'s Friday 5! Every week, the staff compiles 5 highlights of NeurologyLive®'s widespread coverage in neurology, ranging from newsworthy study findings and FDA action to expert interviews and peer-to-peer panel discussions.

1: Roundtable: The Future of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery

As part of a new NeurologyLive® Roundtable discussion, Thomas Jefferson University neurosurgery experts Chengyuan Wu, MD, MSBmE, and Ashwini Sharan, MD, discuss the state-of-the-art treatment for patients with neurological diseases affecting the brain and spine.

2: NeuroVoices: Sharon Cohen, MD, FRCPC, on the Advantages Retinal Imaging Brings to Alzheimer Disease Care

The neurologist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto addressed the issues within Alzheimer drug development, the boom of biomarkers, and how retinal imaging can have a multilevel positive impact.

3: Mind Moments Special Episode: Ganaxolone Approved for CDD, Fenfluramine Approved for LGS

Mind Moments, a podcast from NeurologyLive®, brings you exclusive interviews with Scott Demarest, MD, MSCS, and Kelly Knupp, MD, MSCS, FAES, who discuss the recent approvals of ganaxolone (Ztalmy; Marinus) and fenfluramine (Fintepla; Zogenix/UCB).

4: Peers & Perspectives: Impact of Narcolepsy on Quality of Life

In Episode 2 of this NeurologyLive® Peers & Perspectives series, "Improving Diagnosis and Patient Outcomes in Narcolepsy," Russell Rosenberg, PhD, DABSM, and Margaret Park, MD, define evaluate the impact of narcolepsy on a patient’s quality of life and expand on which symptoms appear to be most debilitating.

5: Insights: MS COVID-19/Vaccine Advice

In Episode 6 of this NeurologyLive® Insights series, "Management of Multiple Sclerosis in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic," Klaus Schmierer, MBBS, PhD, FRCP, concludes with advice for community physicians and neurologists who are managing patients with MS and COVID-19 or vaccinations.