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NeurologyLive® Friday 5 — July 8, 2022

Take 5 minutes to catch up on NeurologyLive®'s highlights from the week ending July 8, 2022.

Welcome to NeurologyLive®'s Friday 5! Every week, the staff compiles 5 highlights of NeurologyLive®'s widespread coverage in neurology, ranging from newsworthy study findings and FDA action to expert interviews and peer-to-peer panel discussions.

1: Peers & Perspectives: Drugs to Avoid in Patients With Myasthenia Gravis

In the eighth episode of this NeurologyLive® Peers & Perspectives series, James F. Howard Jr., MD, and Nicholas J. Silvestri, MD, FAAN, provide a comprehensive review of drugs to avoid when designing treatment plans for patients with myasthenia gravis.

2: Distinguishing and Diagnosing Various Presentations of Autoimmune Encephalitis: Sean Pittock, MD

The director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Neurology discussed the complexities of diagnosing autoimmune encephalitis and the approach needed to be taken for this patient population.

3: NeuroVoices: Francois Bethoux, MD, on Innovating MS Rehabilitation With the EksoNR Exoskeleton

The chair of Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Physical Medicine discussed a new rehabilitative approach using a robotic exoskeleton to improve fatigue and gait in patients with multiple sclerosis. He also touched on the study was conducted, the major take-home points for clinicians, and the need to further analyze large sets of data to understand optimal patient populations for the device.

4: Learning From Patients With Parkinson Disease: Laxman Bahroo, DO

The assistant professor of neurology and codirector of the Neurology Residency Program at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital offered his insight into the benefits of multispecialty meetings and the importance of learning from daily experience in the clinic.

5: Peer Exchange: Initiating Conversations Around Cognitive Health for Patients With MS

Stephen Krieger, MD; Heidi Crayton, MD; Jacqueline Nicholas, MD; and Flavia Nelson, MD, comment on the level of patient awareness surrounding cognitive decline in multiple sclerosis and highlight how to engage patients in difficult conversations regarding their cognitive health in the fourth episode of this NeurologyLive® Peer Exchange series.