NeurologyLive Year in Review: Top Video Series of 2020


Catch up on some of our most popular Peer Exchange panels with experts in the field, including discussions on epilepsy, migraine, multiple sclerosis, and more.

NeurologyLive always strives to offer expert-driven insight in at the root of our coverage, and we did so in 2020 by bringing together experts in a number of neurology subspecialties to lead discussions on pressing topics within their respective fields in our Peer Exchange, Insights, News Network, and Cure Connections series.

These multi-part conversations cover topics ranging from diagnosis and making treatment decisions, to the use of genetic testing and the understanding of the biologic basis for diseases. The discussions are a pillar of our offerings to clinicians and health care professionals in neurology to help you improve patient care. We've assembled some of the best of those conversations from this past year below.

Click the buttons below to watch some of our most popular video series of 2020:

Advances in the Management of Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

Robert J. Fox, MD, and Fred Lublin, MD, offer their perspectives on the recent advances that have been made in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS), ranging from the updates to the McDonald criteria and classification of disease, to imaging techniques and therapeutic options strategies.

AAN 2020 Annual Meeting: Epilepsy Highlights

Ian Miller, MD; Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD; and Anup Patel, MD, dive into the epilepsy-related data that read out at the American Academy of Neurology 2020 annual meeting and offer their opinions on how they will impact and inform clinical practice.

Global Approaches to the Management of Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

Fred D. Lublin, MD; Sven Meuth, MD, PhD; Patricia Coyle, MD; and Wallace Brownlee, MBChB, PhD, FRACP, come together virtually to discuss a number of topics pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of MS while providing a more global outlook.

Updates in Treatment of Adult Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Tim Hagenacker, MD, and James Wymer, MD, FAAN, discuss the spectrum of phenotypes in spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and the current status of genetic testing, as well as the latest additions to the therapeutic landscape, among other topics.

Management of Cardiac Amyloidosis

A group consisting of John L. Berk, MD; Ronald Witteles, MD; Mazen Hanna, MD; and Akshay Desai, MD, MPH, conversed about a number of topics pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac amyloidosis, including, importantly the role that amyloid plays in the disease.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA): Physician and Patient Management

Philippa Cheetham, MBChB, MRCS, MD, FRCS, hosted a discussion with a physician, Crystal Proud, MD, and her patient, Sebastian Mills, about their experience treating and managing his disease.

Case-Based Insights: Parkinson Disease OFF Episodes

Peter A. LeWitt, MD, and Fernando L. Pagan, MD, provide in-depth insight into the best approach to a case of an older woman presenting with Parkinson disease OFF episodes.

Management of Narcolepsy and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Michael J. Thorpy, MD, leads a discussion on the best practices for managing and treating narcolepsy and excessive daytime sleepiness with fellow experts Kiran Maski, MD, MPH; Russell Rosenberg, PhD, DABSM; Alon Y. Avidan, MD, MPH; and Eveline Honig, MD, MPH.

Advances in the Treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

A group of experts in the care of SMA discuss the latest improvements made in the treatment of the disease, with Crystal Proud, MD, moderating, and including John Brandsema, MD; Nancy L. Kuntz, MD; and Julie Parsons, MD.

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