nSight Platform for Remote Seizure Burden, Activity Tracking: Martha Morrell, MD


Discussing the new platform, the chief medical officer of NeuroPace spoke on the potential to open and streamline patient-provider communication with the company’s nSight Platform and its RNS system.

“What I want to make sure that neurologists understand, which they already do, is that we are moving into an era of data science—we all are—in all aspects of our life, but the RNS System is an example of one of the new therapies that are acquiring great amounts of data. The challenge for us is to understand how to apply data analytics so that we have information that we can comprehend, that we can condense, and that we can act upon.”

NeuroPace recently announced the launch of its nSight Platform, which works in tandem with its RNS System, a direct brain responsive neurostimulator, to assist with treatment of patients with medically intractable focal onset seizures. The nSight platform facilitates the transfer and storage of the data collected from the RNS System, providing a consolidated location for providers to review patient reports. 

Martha Morrell, MD, chief medical officer, NeuroPace, and clinical professor of neurology, Stanford University, spoke with NeurologyLive on the device, outlining its capabilities and key takeaways for clinicians. The nSight Platform and the RNS System, as well as Seizure Tracker, with which NeuroPace has partnered, aims to ease seizure burden for patients with drug-resistant focal epilepsy by logging seizure activity and frequency. The online portal is intended to better inform patient care by providing information quickly and easily to providers, while also opening the line of communication with patients. 

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