Parkinson & Movement Disorder (PMD) Alliance Announces Parkinson’s Public Policy Panel


Parkinson & Movement Disorder (PMD) Alliance announced today the formation of a national
Parkinson and Movement Disorders Policy Panel. The Panel, with representatives from a broad
section of the Parkinson’s and movement disorders community, will gather important data
relating to the challenges the community faces accessing medication and therapies, and will
develop tools and policy proposals that lead to real-world solutions for people living with these
“Public policy—whether it happens at the state level or the federal level—has a major impact
on the lives of people living with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders,” said Andrea
Merriam, PMD Alliance’s Acting CEO. “Through the Policy Panel, we’ll be able to identify the
most impactful issues and engage with those shaping public policy to ensure our community has
access to the medications and therapies that exist today and the transformative products of the
The Panel includes nearly 20 members: people living with the disease, care partners, physicians,
advance practice providers, other Parkinson’s advocacy organizations, and members of the
medical device and biopharmaceutical communities. PMD Alliance believes that sound public
policy is best developed when everyone—the full Ecosystem©—is at the table
“One group can’t do it on their own. Everyone—from the patient to the health care provider to
the companies committed to research and development of new products and therapies—has a
unique role to play to ensure that we’re effective and impactful,” said Merriam.
“As a clinician, I know how important it is to highlight issues of access and affordability of
current and future treatment options for my movement disorder patients. There are many great
treatment options available today, but we need to ensure every patient has the opportunity to
utilize these therapies, regardless of their coverage.” Meredith Hatcher, PA-C, Texas Movement
Disorder Specialists, policy panel member.
The Panel will initially focus on data collection and verification to best understand the
community and its needs related to access and affordability of medicines and other therapies.
With that foundation, it will then turn its focus on amplifying the community’s needs and
perspectives on existing public policy issues discussed by state and federal lawmakers, while
striving to identify new policy solutions that could address the challenges.
For more information on the Parkinson and Movement Disorders Policy Panel, please visit:
About Parkinson & Movement Disorder (PMD) Alliance
Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance is an independent, national 501(c)3 nonprofit on a
mission to empower people impacted by movement disorders with the tools and meaningful
connections they need to thrive today. We provide free resources to the entire Movement
Disorder Care & Support Ecosystem©—to people living with the disease, care partners and
adult children, support group leaders, and healthcare providers—because we all do better when
everyone’s empowered. We believe in expanding access to high quality, expert-driven, deepdiving
online and in-person programs. We’re here to navigate the waves of a movement disorder
together, bringing clarity and life-giving solutions.
PMD Alliance is not affiliated with any medical practice or institution.
Visit to learn more.

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