Parkinson & Movement Disorder (PMD) Alliance Announces the Release of Pharmacology for Essential Tremors and Parkinson’s Disease, A Continuing Medical Education (CME) Course for Advanced Practice Providers



DATE: March 18, 2022
CONTACT: Debbie Rich, PMD Alliance Director, Communications 800-256-0966 or

As part of its APProviders™ Consortium, PMD Alliance offers an ever-growing catalog of free CME courses for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)by APPs in movement and related disorders. The APProviders™ Consortium addresses an unmet need, a lack of access to continuing medical education specific to movement disorders for APPs—Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA). By releasing these courses, PMD Alliance is equipping APPs with resources to best serve their patients and further their work in movement and related disorders. This is one of many services provided to APPs through our APProviders™ Consortium.

The latest CME course to be released on March 21, 2022 by PMD Alliance is Pharmacology for Essential Tremors and Parkinson’s Disease.

About Pharmacology for Essential Tremors and Parkinson’s Disease

The medication treatment arsenal for people with Parkinson disease (PD) and Essential Tremor (ET) has expanded, with new clinical research offering potent alternatives to older medications. But as these new medications emerge for the treatment of motor and non-motor symptoms in PD and ET, busy clinicians struggle to keep up their knowledge of each drug and its appropriate use in combination with other medications.

The result is that current Parkinson disease and Essential Tremor practice relies on outdated research and excludes new medications. This means patients aren’t being prescribed the latest treatments, treatments which studies have shown provide better patient outcomes. Because of a lack of clinician education, patients are losing out.

The good news is best practice models exist for medication treatment of PD and ET. This course will bridge the education gap, reminding clinicians of previous reliable practices while uplifting new medications and medication combinations that will give patients the best relief possible from these chronic neurological diseases.

In this course, learners will acquire a deeper understanding of reliable treatment practices of PD and ET, and will gain access to knowledge of the latest pharmacological science and emergent treatments. The course’s learning objectives are:

  • Discuss ET and PD medications and their mechanisms of action
  • Analyze recent clinical studies demonstrating the benefits and limitations of pharmacological treatment options for ET and PD symptoms
  • Categorize pharmacological treatment options and appraise treatment algorithms for ET and PD symptoms
  • Apply the gold standard pharmacologic treatments for ET and PD symptoms

This CME is a crucial topic that will help APPs offer the highest quality care and most effective treatments to the movement disorder community, a community that, up until now, has overwhelmingly been left to rely on outdated versions of their medications.

Pharmacology for Essential Tremors and Parkinson’s Disease is provided by Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance, and it relies on the expertise of our faculty: Clarisse Goas, APRN-CNP.

To learn more, visit the CME registration page:

About Clarisse Goas, APRN-CNP

Clarisse Goas, APRN-CNP, is a Nurse Practitioner who graduated summa cum laude with Research Distinction from The Ohio State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. In 2012, she completed her MSN in Adult Health after receiving the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Award. She worked for 4 years at Pickaway Health Services in Primary Care. Her father’s diagnosis of Parkinson disease contributed to her desire to subspecialize in Movement Disorders.

Goas worked for 4 years at Wake Forest Baptist Health treating Movement Disorders patients. She returned to Ohio in 2019 and joined The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in the Advanced Therapies Movement Disorders program in January of 2020. She has experience in clinical trials (both as the principal investigator and co-investigator), including new medication symptomatic interventions, deep brain stimulation (Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott), and intestinal pump drug delivery systems. She currently runs the virtual quarterly PD patient education series “Understanding the Disease,” is the PD Multidisciplinary Clinic Coordinator at OSU, and the NP team lead for Duopa.

About Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance (PMD Alliance)

Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance is an independent, national 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunities for people to learn, live life more fully, and spark meaningful connections around them. PMD Alliance serves people across the United States and is not affiliated with any medical practice or institution. PMD Alliance is committed to keeping our community safe and healthy. Visit to learn more.

About the APProviders™ Consortium

The APProviders™ Consortium is an initiative sponsored by PMD Alliance that engages Advanced Practice Providers, or APPs (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) working in movement and related disorders. APProviders™ aims to support the ability of APPs in movement and related disorders to network and learn within their field of practice. The APProviders™ Consortium offers an online website and app that allows for messaging, shared learning and collaboration across the country, a growing library of CME courses, and an annual APP Conference to be launched on June 16, 2022 as a part of the ATMRD (Advanced Therapeutics in Movement & Related Disorders) Congress. The APProviders™ portal is an online forum for APPs to share information, resources, and knowledge.

This is the only organized network for movement and related disorder APPs in the United States. APPs play a vital role in the patient care team in healthcare settings. Because of the APP’s whole person, patient-centric approach to care, the service and care model is ideally aligned with the philosophies and practices of PMD Alliance.

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