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Barry J. Byrne, MD, PhD

Associate Chair of Pediatrics, and Director, Powell Gene Therapy Center, University of Florida; Chief Medical Advisor, Muscular Dystrophy Association


Prioritizing Neuromuscular Patients for COVID-19 Vaccination

December 22, 2020

Barry J. Byrne, MD, PhD, chief medical advisor, Muscular Dystrophy Association, calls for the prioritization of persons with neuromuscular diseases as early candidates for the COVID-19 vaccination implementation.

Barry J. Byrne, MD, PhD: Muscular Dystrophy Association COVID-19 Recommendations

April 08, 2020

The chief medical advisor for the Muscular Dystrophy Association spoke about the process of keeping patients updated on new information and how the MDA has taken steps to ensure the neuromuscular community gets the correct information.