Latest from Cure SMA

Cure SMA gives an overview of the recent 2020 Virtual SMA Conference, with highlights on new data and poster sessions. 
The latest program from Cure SMA aims to better understand the capacity of spinal muscular atrophy centers in the US and to continue to carry out effective clinical trials. 
The new data from the phase 2 NURTURE study are set to be presented at the virtual Cure SMA Research and Clinical Care Meeting.
The funding for the Pediatric Neuromuscular Clinical Research Network will provide assistance to some of the world's highly skilled clinical trial investigators who have led studies that have resulted in numerous FDA approvals of breakthrough treatments. 
Cure SMA joins the list of influential and impactful organizations within the Strategic Alliance Program. 
Through the new COVID-19 Assistance Program, households who have an individual with spinal muscular atrophy may be entitled to a $50 gift card to assist in costs of purchasing essential items. 
The professor at the University of Pittsburgh was awarded a $190,000 grant for mouse model research that specifically targets neuromuscular weakness in spinal muscular atrophy. 
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