An Inside Look at the 2022 RNDS, SRNA's Hybrid Conference


The RNDS, created to bring together those with rare neuroimmune disorders and clinical community together, is a 3-day hybrid educational event held October 7-9 in Los Angeles, California

This content was originally created by the Siegal Rare Neuroimmune Association.

SRNA is excited to be hosting the 2022RNDS, a three-day educational conference for families, care partners, medical professionals, and individuals diagnosed or supporting those with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), MOG antibody disease (MOGAD), neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD), optic neuritis (ON), and transverse myelitis (TM).

If you're interested in learning more about rare neuroimmune disorders, we invite you to attend in person or as an online attendee. The hybrid educational event offers the ability to connect with the leading experts and researchers in neuroimmunology, neuropsychology, rehabilitation, and additional disciplines focused on the disorders. It's a unique opportunity to come together as a rare yet diverse community of clinicians, researchers, and individuals and families personally impacted by rare neuroimmune disorders.

The three-day agenda allows for a deeper dive into these disorders by offering options best suited for your or your patients' concerns or interests. You can attend in-person at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport event location, or if travel, time zone, or coming together in-person isn't an option, an online or virtual option allows for active participation. Live-streaming of the presentations, connection opportunities, and interactive Q&A ensures the opportunity is open to all hoping to participate.

Begin the event on Day 1 with a panel of experts bringing more clarity on the presentations, treatments, and diagnoses of each rare neuroimmune disorder. Day 2 of the RNDS agenda allows attendees to choose an educational track to focus on the topics most pertinent to their age or stage in their diagnosis. Whether learning about transitioning from hospital to home after a recent diagnosis or understanding key considerations when transitioning from a pediatric diagnosis into adulthood, there's something for everyone regardless of how or when these disorders impacted them as a person diagnosed, care partner, or health care provider. The event wraps up on Day 3 with presentations addressing the impact of these disorders on cognition, depression, and quality of life. Day 3 also features important and practical sessions on adapting to life with a disability and understanding how social determinants of health impact care.

As a healthcare provider providing support to patients diagnosed with a rare neuroimmune disorder, we encourage you to join us. Be sure to share 2022RNDS with your colleagues and your patients. Urge them to attend to learn more about ongoing research and encourage them to learn more about living with the disorders, connecting with others, and being open to support from others in their community. Connecting to others who share similar experiences with ADEM, AFM, MOGAD, NMOSD, ON, and TM, and alongside the scientific and medical professionals directly supporting them, is an empowering and unique opportunity.

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