Benjamin Walter, MD: Raising Awareness of Deep Brain Stimulation


The medical director of the Deep Brain Stimulation Program at Cleveland Clinic spoke to the need for physicians to inform patients with movement disorders of DBS and the options that they may have for treatment.

“I like to mention it early just because patients need to understand the landscape of all the different treatment options that are available to them, and what might be available in the future.”

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has gained popularity among movement disorder specialists in recent years due to its overall efficacy in patients with Parkinson disease. However, it is believed that many patients are unaware of the treatment as an option or don’t know they’re a candidate. Even still, some physicians may still be slow in the uptake of DBS as well.

For Benjamin Walter, MD, medical director, Deep Brian Stimulation Program, Cleveland Clinic, the role of DBS as an option for these patients is obvious. In a conversation with NeurologyLive, he shared that he informs his patients of this option—and the many others—as early on as possible to ensure that they’re clear on what is available.

Walter also offered his insight into the use of focused ultrasound as an option for those patients who either elect to pass on surgical options or are not candidates for surgery. As well, he spoke to the other targets which are being explored in stimulation to address this patient population.

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