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After showing significant benefits in delayed disease progression in patients with secondary progressive MS, new data suggests siponimod can delay the time to wheelchair dependence by 4 years.
The neurologist at Cleveland Clinic’s Mellen Center for MS Treatment spoke about the impact smoking has on cognition and brain atrophy in MS, and the need to urge patients with MS to quit smoking.
Concluding its discussion on Alzheimer disease, the panel provides closing considerations on future diagnosis and pharmacologic strategies.
A future look at the role of amyloid-targeted strategies in Alzheimer disease and practical considerations for their use.
Experts elucidate amyloid-targeted strategies in Alzheimer disease, including monoclonal antibodies and BACE inhibitors.
Modern strategies used to inform the management of Alzheimer disease, particularly blood tests and the role of protofibrils, are considered.
In the context of modern agents used to treat Alzheimer disease, experts define what the goals of treatment and response should be.
Interest in advancing research in stroke therapeutics has historically come in fits and starts. Now with intravenous tPA and thrombectomy in regular use, experts are looking to get a step ahead of the damage.
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