Changes in Themes Across Neurology Over the Years: Rebecca Gottesman, MD, PhD, FANA; Frances E. Jensen, MD, FACP


The president of the ANA and the chair of the annual meeting programming committee provided commentary on the advances in neurology and the shift in how clinicians approach and treat diseases once thought to be fatal. [WATCH TIME: 6 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 6 minutes

"A big theme is that we’re moving very quickly, there’s a lot to implement quickly. People want to get on protocols. There’s new gene therapy centers being built, so there’s practical aspects that are new to our field. Remember, we didn’t have a lot of actively treating patients, it was a lot of making diagnoses."

Several in the field of neurology would agree that there is no better time to be a neurologist, considering the pace in which the field continues to advance and the shift from a diagnostic field to a therapeutic one. Since the turn of the century, there has been an immense amount of increased research in the epidemiology of neurological diseases, and understanding the true core of where these issues stem from. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in topics such as precision medicine, gut-brain axis, neuroregeneration, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, and neuroinfectious diseases.

Amid the everchanging landscape of neurology, keeping up on the most effective treatment strategies can be difficult for clinicians. At the 2023 American Neurological Association (ANA) Annual Meeting, held September 9-12, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attending participants will learn about a variety of neurologic processes and disease states. The meeting features several notable symposium, professional development courses, interactive lunch workshop sessions, special interest group sessions, and much more.

Prior to the meeting, NeurologyLive® sat down with Rebecca Gottesman, MD, PhD, FANA, and Frances E. Jensen, MD, FACP, to learn more about the emerging concepts in neurology, and the various trends in research over the years. Jensen, president of the ANA, and Gottesman, chair of the annual meeting programming committee, provided thoughts on topics regarding neurodegenerative disorders, stimulation therapies, disease-modifying agents, and the change in how neurological diseases are approached and thought about.

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