CMSC 2021 Annual Meeting Takeaways: David Li, MD, FRCPC


With the CMSC 2021 annual meeting having wrapped up, the director of the Multiple Sclerosis/MRI Research Group at the University of British Columbia offered his perspective on this year’s conference. [WATCH TIME: 1 minute]

WATCH TIME: 1 minute

“The thing I love about CMSC is that its multi-themed and involves varying groups of people. As a radiologist, when I go to one of my own meetings, I’m always attending imaging related talks. Even when I go to ECTRIMS, I’m more focused on imaging things. Here at CMSC one of the things I love to do…is go and seek out something I know nothing about.”

The comprehensive care model is slowly becoming the standard of care for patients with neurologic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS). This shift in the paradigm of how care is focused has been for good reason—many of these patients are affected by their disease in a multitude of ways that requires attention from more than just their neurologist. In MS alone, patients often benefit from having access to psychologists, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and the like.

The Consortium of MS Centers is an organization that hones in on this focus—its Annual Meeting, held this year October 25-28, 2021, includes lectures and presentations from clinicians from all facets of the comprehensive care team. One such individual is David Li, MD, FRCPC, professor of radiology, associate member in neurology, and director, Multiple Sclerosis/MRI Research Group, University of British Columbia, who, while holding some specialization in MS, is a radiologist in practice.

Li offered his perspective on the value of meetings such as CMSC 2021 with NeurologyLive in this interview. He spoke to the importance of having access to other providers and being able to hear about disease management through the lens of their position on the care team.

For more coverage of CMSC 2021, click here.

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