Coverage Focuses of 2023 ANA Annual Meeting: Rebecca Gottesman, MD, PhD, FANA; Frances E. Jensen, MD, FACP


The president of the ANA and the chair of the annual meeting programming committee gave an overview on the various topics and courses the clinical community should home in on at the upcoming annual meeting. [WATCH TIME: 6 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 6 minutes

"They [the plenaries] are not typically disease-centric, they are more mechanisms-centric or ways to think about disease and therapeutics. For instance, there’s not 1 plenary on epilepsy or MS (multiple sclerosis), etc. Sleep is obviously relevant to many neurologic diseases."

Over the years, neurology has grown in several significant ways, going from a once diagnostic field to one that treats patients therapeutically and holistically. Through an immense amount of research, clinicians have gained a greater understanding of the clinical characteristics and epidemiologic underpinnings of several diseases, with some disease-modifying therapies to show for. Significant strides have been made in neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease, with the introduction of new antiamyloid agents and symptomatic treatments to address lingering symptoms of these conditions.

As neurology continues to evolve, keeping up with the changes and latest literature can be challenging for clinicians. The upcoming 2023 American Neurological Association (ANA) Annual Meeting, held September 9-12, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will serve as a central location for the neurology community to refresh itself on the advances made in the field, and how they impact day-to-day practice. The meeting, which features 6 main symposia, is geared toward a broad group of medical professionals, including students, residents, academic neurologists in their first faculty position, mid-level professionals, and department chairs.

Prior to the meeting, NeurologyLive® sat down with Frances E. Jensen, MD, FACP, president of the ANA, and Rebecca Gottesman, MD, PhD, FANA, chair of the annual meeting programming committee, to discuss the schedule of the meeting in detail. The duo provided commentary on specific sessions clinicians should be aware of, the various courses for all levels of medical experience, and why it’s important to be updated on the crossover of certain neurologic conditions.

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