Episode 118: Gaining Patient Perspectives on the Impact of Narcolepsy


Mind Moments®, a podcast from NeurologyLive®, brings you an exclusive interview with Anne Marie Morse, DO, FAAN. [LISTEN TIME: 18 minutes]

Anne Marie Morse, DO, FAAN

Anne Marie Morse, DO, FAAN

Episode 118 of the NeurologyLive® Mind Moments® podcast is now live! Scroll down to listen or click here to subscribe on your favorite streaming service.

The Mind Moments podcast features exclusive interviews with leaders in the field discussing the latest research and disease management strategies across the breadth of neurology, including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, dementia, sleep disorders, and more.

In this episode, Anne Marie Morse, DO, FAAN, sat down at the 2024 SLEEP Annual Meeting to discuss a poster presentation highlighting a listening analysis that characterized the struggles and unmet needs of people with narcolepsy. In the discussion, Morse, a pediatric neurologist and sleep medicine specialist at Geisinger Medical Center, outlined some of the major findings, including the rates of missed and misdiagnosis, how cataplexy impacts daily life, and some of the other comorbidities associated with the condition. She spoke on the value of gaining patient perspectives and using their descriptions for their disorders helps in understanding true unmet needs. Furthermore, she discussed the importance of a strong patient-clinician relationship, the ability to communicate openly, and the steps following diagnosis to ensure effective long-term treatment outcomes.

The stories featured in this week's Neurology News Minute, which will give you quick updates on the following developments in neurology, are further detailed here:


  • 1:10 – Motivations behind conducting listening analysis
  • 3:15 – Major clinical takeaways from study; notable quality of life impairments in narcolepsy
  • 7:00 – Impact of cataplexy and patients' overreaction
  • 9:50 – Neurology News Minute
  • 12:20 – Reasons for missed and misdiagnosis
  • 14:50 – Early tips to pathing patients towards treatment success

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