Evolving Roles of Women in Neurology: Jan Brandes, MD, MS


In light of National Women Physicians Day, the assistant clinical professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine commented on the roles women have played historically, and her perspective on where they stand now. [WATCH TIME: 12 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 12 minutes

“There was this notion that you had to really give up everything else if you're going to choose medicine, and that certainly has dramatically changed.”

With changing perspectives in the field of medicine, and the field of neurology specifically, women have experienced a change in an understanding of their roles within the space. An understanding of the need for a more inclusive workplace environment and the importance of work-life balance has created more opportunity for women over the course of their careers.

To discuss this shift, we sat down with Jan Brandes, MD, MS, assistant clinical professor, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, who described her experience entering the field over 20 years ago, and the values that she maintains in her everyday practice. Striking a balance between her professionalism and her adherence to traditional dress, Brandes, who also serves on the National Headache Foundation’s Board, she further explained the unique benefits women physicians bring to the table via the amount of time they spend with patients. In coversation with NeurologyLive®, Brandes also addressed the growth and changes in the field in general, expressing her commitment to helping better patients’ lives, in addition to prescribing and managing the most appropriate therapy.

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