Greatest Unmet Needs in Sleep Disorder Care: Asim Roy, MD


The medical director of the Ohio State Sleep Medicine Institute provided insight on areas within sleep disorder care that need improvement, including the diagnostic process.

"The current model of overnight sleep studies has its huge limitations. Maybe if there was a way to do that [diagnose], either through a blood test or at-home technologies.”

The recently concluded 2021 SLEEP Virtual Annual Meeting, June 10-13, was filled with an array of presentations and abstracts on the latest advancements and therapeutics in the sleep space, and represented the greater momentum the sleep science community has built in recent years. Data for several approved agents were also on display, as well as those on a few investigational agents making their way through the pipeline.

Despite the recent success, there remain several unmet needs for this patient population. Asim Roy, MD, medical director, Ohio State Sleep Medicine Institute, feels as though phenotyping patients is still at the top of the priority list, with concerns over the diagnostic process and tools not far behind.

In an interview with NeurologyLive, Roy shared his thoughts on these great unmet needs for patients with sleep disorders and why limitations in diagnostic capabilities have hindered the community from advancing to the next steps in management.

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