Jennifer Robblee, MD: Getting Around Telemedicine Barriers


The neurologist at the Barrow Neurological Institute detailed how she has gotten patients to buy into the adjustment to a virtual medical care model, and what challenges she's had to overcome.

“I have people of all ages [doing virtual visits]. Often, I’m asked, ‘What about the elderly patients,’ but some of my best ones are my elderly patients.”

As the majority of medical visits and care have made a transition to a virtual model in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of adjustments have needed to be made on both the side of the patient and the physician.

Jennifer Robblee, MD, neurologist, Jan and Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program, and assistant professor of neurology, Barrow Neurological Institute, has had plenty of experience with telemedicine and has since used that knowledge to help her peers with this adjustment, including hosting a Facebook Live event for the American Headache Society on the topic.

In an interview with NeurologyLive, she detailed how she’s gotten patient buy-in for telemedicine visits and how she’s troubleshot the challenges that have presented themselves. As well, she offered her insight and advice for fellow neurologists and headache specialists who are now conducting neurological examinations via telemedicine with an audio/video component.

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