Keys Clinicians Should Consider When Designing Equitable Courses: Alexandria Reynolds, PhD


The undergraduate program director at the University of South Carolina provided perspective on the factors that go into building an equitable and effective medical course for young medical professionals. [WATCH TIME: 5 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 5 minutes

"Thinking about yourself and some of those biases that you might have, and making sure that you’re treating everyone in an equitable way, and not necessarily being harder on one group than another."

In the past decade, there have been several changes to neurologic care, and along with this, neurology education has transformed. These changes have affected all aspects of education across the educational continuum, including learners, educators, content, delivery methods, assessments, and outcomes. Continuing to translate new information in easy and accessible ways is key to growing young medical professionals and keeping those in the field, says Alexandria Reynolds, PhD.

At the 2023 SLEEP Annual Meeting, held June 3-7, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Reynolds presented a talk on equitable teaching practices, in efforts to highlight the current best practices, as well as strategize ways to increase equity and inclusion in the classroom. In her talk, she discussed a universal design for learning, helping educators recognize diverse learning needs and ultimately maximizing courses for all types of learners. Additionally, she touched upon the considerations that need to be taken into account when designing a course, including the costs, technology, and accessibility.

Reynolds, undergraduate program director, University of South Carolina, sat down for an interview at SLEEP 2023 to discuss her presentation, and to discuss the factors educators should consider when designing an equitable course. She provided background on how education has changed, the need to understand student backgrounds, and why tailoring learning strategies is necessary.

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