Leo Petrossian, PhD, MBA: Accelerating Optimization of Epilepsy Management


The CEO of Nile AI spoke to how the newly founded company plans to develop data science techniques to improve the optimization of epilepsy care and management.

“[The] journey for an epilepsy patient has many stopovers with various caregivers, trial and error of many different drugs and devices to get their care managed. An observation made by UCB was that if we could only improve the process by which we arrive at optimal care, we can significantly improve the quality of life and outcomes for the patients.”

This week, UCB Pharma announced the launch of an independent digital health company founded to develop a care management platform to improve the care experience of individuals with epilepsy, as well as that of their caregivers and physicians. UCB has invested $29.3 million in the company and will hold a Board of Directors position within Nile as a majority shareholder.

Leo Petrossian, PhD, MBA, chief executive officer, Nile AI, recently spoke with NeurologyLive in an interview, sharing that the company’s digital platform will feature a portal for the health care professional which links to a patient app to offer physicians an at-a-glance viewing of the status of their patients. As well, it will virtually inform and support patients between appointments, and enable data-driven decisions on treatment and care, among other advantages for both the patient and physician.

Nile is currently testing the platform in usability studies with 2 US healthcare systems, Massachusetts General Hospital and Michigan State University Healthcare, and the platform is expected to be commercially available sometime in 2021. To find out more about the company, the platform it's building, and its goals in the epilepsy space, NeurologyLive inquired with Petrossian.

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