The Need for Education on Advanced Therapeutics for Movement Disorders: Fernando Pagan, MD; Yasar Torres-Yaghi, MD


The duo from MedStar Georgetown University Hospital detailed the need for education on Parkinson disease and movement disorder therapies, and the CME activities they’ve developed with the PMD Alliance to address those needs. [WATCH TIME: 5 minutes]

WATCH TIME: 5 minutes

“A lot of times, we do see that an older drug, when delivered a little differently, does have a completely different therapeutic profile. That’s missing [from physician education]. You continue to see the notion that, ‘Oh, the 1975 formulation is just as good as the 2016 formulation of a particular medicine,’ and that’s not necessarily the case.”

Parkinson disease (PD) care has had a gold standard therapy, levodopa, for decades. Despite this, many patients face a long list of challenges related to therapeutic wearing-off and nonmotor issues that are not always addressed by therapeutics. Novel administration methods and reformulations of levodopa over the last decade-plus have made for improved efficacy and duration, but the uptake in these approaches in the clinic appears to be slow.

As such, Fernando Pagan, MD, director, Movement Disorders Program, and medical director, MedStar Georgetown National Parkinson Foundation Center of Excellence, and his colleague Yasar Torres-Yaghi, MD, board-certified movement disorder neurologist, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, have developed continuing medical education (CME) topics for advanced therapeutics in movement disorders, which are being released by Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance (PMD Alliance) in partnership with their institution, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, beginning October 22, 2021. These activities are a sneak peek of the PMD Alliance’s Advanced Therapeutics in Movement Related Disorders Congress, set for May 2022.

To find out more about the program and what is driving these educational challenges for movement disorder physicians, NeurologyLive inquired with Pagan and Torres. To learn more about the on-demand CME topics or register for the live panel discussions on October 23-24, 2021, visit the course page here:

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